Samsung Galaxy S9’s Reworked Default Ringtone Revealed in New Video Teaser


Samsung has partnered with Icelandic composer and producer Petur Jonsson to offer an all-new Over the Horizon ringtone on the Galaxy S9 family, which is launching at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 later this month. The trend of providing the Over the Horizon default ringtone on Galaxy devices was created back in 2011, and each generation carries its own flavour of the six-note groove. But for this year, the South Korean giant has chosen Jonsson as the composer for its iconic melody.

The new default ringtone of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ greets you with the soft tones of a single piano playing the refrain, though other instruments gradually emerge to raise the sound levels. “Delicately layering instruments, Jonsson’s minimalist arrangement takes you away on an atmospheric journey of discovery. The piece begins with the soft tones of a single piano playing the refrain. As additional instruments are gradually introduced, the sound rises to a crescendo before melting away,” the company wrote in a press note, describing the new development.

Samsung has released a video trailer to give a glimpse of what it has prepared for its next-generation Galaxy series models. The nearly four-minute-long video plays the new Over the Horizon ringtone in the background and shows several mesmerising graphics, including scenes of nature in Norway, such as misty mountains, jagged cliffs, steaming geysers, and snow-blanketed hills.

Since the new default ringtone has some premium sound effects, we can presume that the Galaxy S9 family will sport top-end, stereo speakers. It is already rumoured that the company is providing AKG-tuned speakers on the latest Galaxy flagships to take on the competition.

That being said, we need to wait until the pre-MWC conference by Samsung that is happening on February 25 to see what all will support the new sound experience. In the meantime, you can enjoy the view by watching the video released by the company and speculate some new features of the upcoming offering.

Last year, Samsung partnered with singer Jacob Collier to introduce its revamped version of the default ringtone that was designed for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The ringtone was produced through a combination of multiple instruments and touched various genres.